Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Slowly but Surely...99 Days to a Better Person Continues

Day 32 – The good news keeps coming this week! I was chosen to interview for a position with a local college. This position is outside of the marketing industry, but still a great opportunity. It will be a panel interview. Panel interviews are always a challenge. I’ve done them before. So, there will be more researching and preparing for the meeting next week. In other news, two family members passed this week and a separate cousin was involved in a bad car accident. Both memorial services are on the same day – in two different states. With God’s help the family will manage.
Day 31 - Still on my list for this week: sending networking emails. These are always so hard, but maybe I’m putting too much thought into the process. I plan to identify 15 people and touch base with them before Sunday night. Recently, I acquired the audiobook, “Brag: How to Toot Your Own Horn Without Blowing It.” Today, I began listening and taking notes (as usual). Patty Klaus provides some good information. I need to work on my Brag-a-logue and Brag Bag. I also caught the tailend of a webinar from the Road Show (LA Office) on partnership opportunities with Disney/ABC Television Distribution.
Day 30 – Still working to change my life. Good news!! I got a call back for a second round interview. Super excited!! It’s a job that I’m definitely interested in and look forward to speaking with the hiring manager. I spent the reading and researching on social media. I am energized after the great webinar yesterday. I also attended the Little Rock Arkansas Alumni Board meeting for volunteer training, and left as the newly elected 2010 Chapter Secretary. I can put my stellar note-taking skills to good use.  I was able to meet new people and be active. Love it!
Day 29 – The day started off fine. I attended a webinar on social media by the International Social Media Association. Great information was shared and I got a shout out from the facilitator! I also joined the association today. Added that to my resume! However, things took an unexpected turn when I got in a screaming match with my father. Too deep to detail here, but we argued about my younger brother, a heated topic in our household. I spent the rest of the afternoon in my room – researching. I made dinner and things are better now.

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