Friday, November 6, 2009

My New Relationship

Yes, folks, I’m in a new relationship. His name is Fitness Boot Camp. I call it a relationship because going to fitness boot camp is a lot like dating. It started in much the same fashion as a blind date. I arrived at the first date (first day of class) with a bit of information and the memory of the voice I spoke with on the phone earlier that day. I had the normal “blind date” jitters – nervous, anxious, curious, a bit excited and enthusiastic. I greeted the instructor (let’s call him Sarg) with a hearty handshake, just as I would any potential suitor. I quickly learned that this ‘date’ would not be an easy, talkative session. After being teased with a light warm of simple stretches, the exercises became intense QUICKLY. As with any blind date, my heart rate fluctuated, sometimes HIGH (barley breathing) and sometimes LOW (savoring each breath). At the end of the session, Sarg and I parted on good terms and agreed to see each other again. The mission: a better, stronger me…should I choose to accept it. MISSION ACCEPTED.
Now that the first week of this relationship has come to an end, I look back and realize the following things:
1.       I only CRIED twice (Day 2 & 4). However, they were significant cries. I mean, tear up your face-cover your mouth kind of wails. The Sarg was not affected. I’m not even sure he realized those were big alligator tears streaming down my face. He HAD to see them. He never acknowledged my emotional outbursts. I think it’s better that way – I cry; you look me in my eyes and keep talking.
2.       The mind is a powerful thing. Exercising is 75% mental and 25% physical. You can talk yourself IN and OUT of any movement/task. I must continue to talk myself into things on a daily basis.
3.       The biggest accomplishment sometimes is simply SHOWING UP. I made a choice each day. Arriving on time and ready to work is half the battle.
4.       Using your body weight as resistance can be good (if you weigh 125) and bad if you weigh (more than…). Weighing more than the average can be a disadvantage, if you let it become an issue. Yea, I’m still learning to find the advantages of above average weight when it comes to resistance training.
5.       Counting to 8 is hard to do when trying to run 1.5 miles along the water. I count to 8 and back down to 1 to pace myself. That tends to work for me. Run for 16 counts. Walk for 16 counts. Intervals, baby!
I like my relationship with fitness boot camp a little more each day. On Day 3, I said HELL-O to new muscles I never knew I had. Each night I flirt with a long, hot shower. Tomorrow, I plan to have a LOVE AFFAIR with Epsom Salt and a hot bath. Next week, the ‘dating’ continues – 1 week down and 4 more to go.
As with any relationship, ‘dating’ is a process…I will keep you posted.

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