Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 7, Still Going...

I attended 2 webinars today. The first was How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search by Kevin Kermes. He provided general information and a few new tips. The key is to use the available tools – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube in the correct way to engage an audience. The second webinar was with Liz Lynch of Smart Networking. She discussed the Top 10 Questions for Those Seeking Six-Figure Jobs. She provided tips on how to direct your search. I am considering purchasing Job Search Marketing Blueprint plan. I also sent a few networking emails and scheduled for Thursday.  

Being Productive

Day 6 Today was kind of productive. I thought about working out and got a new workout plan. Thanks @seanmalarkey for the 100 push-ups workout. I’m going to try it out. I applied for jobs with the New Jersey Nets and Essence Magazine. I also had a great conversation (via IM) with a former co-worker. It solidified my interest in sponsorship/partnership marketing and sparked a renewed interest in cause marketing. More tasks for tomorrow. I will attend 2 webinars. I also plan to continue my research on the marketing community in the Little Rock area. I’m looking to make connections and have some conversations.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Weekend...

Day 5 Okay, so today was pretty much a wash. I had another sinus attack and it knocked me out of commission for the majority of the day. Back to the grind tomorrow. Goals: Apply for 3 jobs, set up 3 informational meetings and work on the short story project.


Day 4, 96 days to goI started back on Weight Watchers today. It was an interesting meeting. Meetings in Arkansas are definitely different than those in New York. I have a WW Buddy from my church. We plan to keep each other on track. I attended a church picnic and planned to walk at the park, but that didn’t work out. The location wasn’t ideal. I did get to connect with friends from church that I hadn’t seen in years. That was nice. Also, I spent time on Twitter conversing with a new contact from LRTweetup. Hopefully we will meet at the next event.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 3 with 97 days to go...

Changing my life in 99 days. The story continues...
I spent the morning following the Integrating Media Little Rock Conference (#IMLR) on Twitter. I was sad to find out about it too late to attend. It seemed like a great event focused on social media/networking. I applied to THREE jobs today – MORS (VA); UALR (AR); McDonalds (IL). I also sent a quick intro email to the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts position. A new must-see show is the Dr. Oz show. He proved information on modifying your nutritional intake and simple fitness moves. New Goal – 15 minutes of resistance training & 30 minutes cardio each day – starting TOMORROW!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taste & See

Day 2 More fun at the AHA Trade Show. I attended two more very interesting sessions. The first was on Email Marketing. I learned about building lists and online/email promotions. The second was on social networking. Bryan Jones used lots of new media elements. He was a great speaker. I also had the dubious honor of serving as an “official taster” for the final round of the AHA Iron Chef competition. The mystery protein was rabbit. AH! My first time having rabbit, but it tastes like chicken – smothered and roasted were the two preparation methods. Tomorrow’s task: FOLLOW UP with new contacts.
I would like to thank Christie Ison for the generous opportunity to be her guest at the AHA Iron Chef Competition Tasting Table. You rock!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

99 Days and Counting Down…

As of yesterday, there were 100 days remaining in the year. Each day I plan to write a simple post about my activities and the things I’m doing to change my life (in 100 words or less). So here goes…
Day 1 – Today I attended the Arkansas Hospitality Association Trade Show in Little Rock. It was my attempt at professional development. I attended three great sessions; topics included Search Engine Optimization, Public Relations Techniques and Holiday Drinks. I learned a lot, and met new folks. I also ran into an old high school and neighborhood friend. After attending this event, I am rejuvenated and excited about new opportunities and avenues to explore. There’s nothing like seeing or hearing something new to spark inspiration and action. Thank you AHA for the great experience. Hasta manana!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Can't We All Just Get Along...at Awards Shows

The MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) have come and gone, and what a night it was. The show opened with a great tribute to Michael Jackson complete with Janet Jackson performing “Scream” live on stage. Dancers paid homage to MJ by re-enacting the choreography from a montage of Jackson videos. They were precise and very entertaining.

However, the highlight of the night belonged to Kanye West as he interrupted the acceptance speech by Taylor Swift for her win early in the show. Kanye disapproved of the winner and felt the need to voice his opinion onstage with mic in hand DURING her speech. Of course, Taylor was surprised and speechless considering she gave him the microphone.

This is not the first time Kanye has shown his disapproval on stage during an award show. He has a habit, or should I say a comfort level with commenting in public. However, it always appears as disrespect, selfishness, and foolery. Word is that he was escorted out of the show. Hopefully this was the case. He must learn that those outbursts are best left in his head and not on stage.

But, along came Beyonce. When she was announced the winner for video of the year for Single Ladies, she invited Taylor Swift back onstage to complete her acceptance speech. This one single move by Beyonce should class, tact and made things right for the night. Say what you will about Beyonce, but she was the ultimate classy artist tonight at the VMA’s. She’s alright in my book.

Congratulations to all the winners. Lady GaGa leave the masks, headgear and lace at home next year. MTV, Kanye West should be banned from awards shows in the future…until he learns how to act – win or lose; approval or disapproval.

Until later, mi gente.

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