Sunday, October 11, 2009

Catching up...Days 14-18

Day 18 Friday was a day of rest. It stormed most of the day and I took full advantage of the lazy, stormy weather. However, there was good news delivered…I got called for a phone interview for a job I applied for earlier in the week. The position is a great opportunity to combine my sports marketing experience with my nonprofit/cause marketing knowledge and work. The awesome thing is that the position is in a new industry! YaY, for broadening my horizons. The talk is scheduled for Monday. First round with the Talent Acquisition Team. Updates to follow!! Wish me luck.
Day 17 The #LRTweetup was nice tonight with a nice, intimate crowd. I met several that folks I follow on Twitter and enjoyed The Second City show. It was great to get out of the HOUSE! My parents are away and things are finally calm for a few days. The newest debate in my life: How to follow up with people after you’ve sent a resume. I’ve read several blog posts and everyone has a different opinion! I’ve tried the intro email. It hasn’t worked to my benefit yet. I’m going to wait it out and find a different follow-up method.
Day 16 I conducted research on possible places to relocate. First stop was the Denver Chamber of Commerce. I found great information along with job listings. Once I heard that it snowed in Denver today, I re-thought my decision to move (just for a minute) and realized that falling snow makes a beautiful backdrop to life. So, my Denver research quickly continued. The biggest challenge is finding a local recruiter. Know of anyone? Next place to research – Dallas, TX. I would be close to home and an easy drive away. That would be an adjustment. I normally FLY home, not DRIVE.
Day 15Today was full of webinars. I am becoming a real “webinar guru” as I attend at least once a week. Today’s topics included using Facebook for Business purposes; finding work that you love; and building solid relationships with reporters. I followed each webinar via Twitter, which was cool! I found several other folks to “follow.” It’s great to connect with folks online. I also applied to more jobs today. I am learning that I am attracted to positions that involve sponsorships/events. Maybe I was clouded by my thoughts of consumer/trade marketing positions.
Day 14 More of the same. I applied for a few jobs and I’m committing to working out more this week. My plans are to do yoga at least 3 times this week and walk when I can. I am making plans to attend the LRTweetup event this week. It will be nice to meet other Twitter-istas in person. The event will also feature an attendance of The Second City show at The Arkansas Rep. This will be a sweet reunion for me as I once interned at The Rep. Also, my brother studied at Second City in Chicago.

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