Monday, October 19, 2009

The Weekend

Day 20Went to church and things were fine. It was a dreary day, and I spent the afternoon relaxing and preparing for my phone interview tomorrow. I followed my weekly Sunday ritual of Fantasy Football and NFL games. I have spent the better part of pre-season and most of the season trying to explain the concept of Fantasy Football to my father. I wonder when he will finally get it? He is confused about using players from different teams in the fantasy league. He’s a diehard fan of NFL TEAMS (as a whole) while Fantasy Football is about following individual players.

Day 19 – Pilates before Weight Watchers. I felt good. Down 2 pounds this week! Here’s to eating nothing but salad on Fridays. I also need to ramp up the exercise regimen. I gotta get motivated. I celebrated my weight loss with a hearty breakfast from Waffle House. I know. I know, not the best decision. But, hey! I have a week to lose it.

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