Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taste & See

Day 2 More fun at the AHA Trade Show. I attended two more very interesting sessions. The first was on Email Marketing. I learned about building lists and online/email promotions. The second was on social networking. Bryan Jones used lots of new media elements. He was a great speaker. I also had the dubious honor of serving as an “official taster” for the final round of the AHA Iron Chef competition. The mystery protein was rabbit. AH! My first time having rabbit, but it tastes like chicken – smothered and roasted were the two preparation methods. Tomorrow’s task: FOLLOW UP with new contacts.
I would like to thank Christie Ison for the generous opportunity to be her guest at the AHA Iron Chef Competition Tasting Table. You rock!

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Christie Ison said...

My pleasure....glad to have good company to share great food. I should be able to post the photos tonight ( for the uninitiated). ;)

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