Monday, September 28, 2009

The Weekend...

Day 5 Okay, so today was pretty much a wash. I had another sinus attack and it knocked me out of commission for the majority of the day. Back to the grind tomorrow. Goals: Apply for 3 jobs, set up 3 informational meetings and work on the short story project.


Day 4, 96 days to goI started back on Weight Watchers today. It was an interesting meeting. Meetings in Arkansas are definitely different than those in New York. I have a WW Buddy from my church. We plan to keep each other on track. I attended a church picnic and planned to walk at the park, but that didn’t work out. The location wasn’t ideal. I did get to connect with friends from church that I hadn’t seen in years. That was nice. Also, I spent time on Twitter conversing with a new contact from LRTweetup. Hopefully we will meet at the next event.

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