Sunday, March 11, 2007

First Date Top Five

TOP FIVE Things not to DO or SAY on a online first date (friendship is the goal here):

5. "I think I'm cute; do you?" - If your date is attracted to you, he/she will let you know. There is no need to fish for compliments or approval...especially IMMEDIATELY after saying hello.
4. Say the phrase, "You Know" at least 300 times during a 2.5 hour conversation. Most people use this phrase as a filler. However, after the 25th time; it's just annoying. Maybe he was nervous.
3. Force your date to drink alcohol - "I'll have an O'doul's, I mean Budweiser. What about you? I'll order you one."
2. "So, where do you see THIS going? I mean US. Is there a future?" Hmmm...this is our first date. Right now, I see us parting with a friendly handshake and/or hug.

And the NUMBER ONE thing not to say or do on an online first date where friendship is the goal:

"I've slept [had sex] with eight people in my life. How about you? Have you had an AIDS test?"- Excuse me?! WTF, are you serious? I'm sure he didn't really expect me to answer that question, so I changed the subject.

Yes, I went on a date and all the above happened to me in ONE night. This was one of the most challenging dates I've experienced in a while. Challenging because of the flow of conversation and the information I was told. This was a classic case of spilling everything all at once. I'm not saying that things shouldn't be shared, but information overload can work against you. I'm a believer in providing information in increments AND at appropriate times and conversations.

Ok...let me know your thoughts.

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