Saturday, June 30, 2007

Where are the NICE GUYS with a TWIST?

Can a guy be too nice? What does that mean anyway? Are women only attracted to the “bad guys?”

I believe there is a happy medium of niceness. What I like to call “A nice guy with a TWIST.” A man that’s a total pushover is not attractive, IMHO. I enjoy a man who has something to offer. When you say a guy is too nice, is he really too nice or are there other traits that turn you away? Maybe he skips when he walks…maybe he’s too frugal. Maybe he lacks ambition, aspirations and goals.

IMHO, a man cannot be too nice. If you think he’s too nice, there are most likely other things that are less appealing. In a recent case [with me], it was his extreme frugality. He was cheap as hell. If you aren’t attracted, do each other a favor and make it known – sooner rather than later.

Soooo...where are the nice guys with a TWIST? Let me know your thoughts.


seeking a nice guy with a TWIST! Raise your hand if you’re out there :-)

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