Monday, October 19, 2009

Following up & more Progress

Day 24 – I reached out to the local Adecco office to schedule an appointment. As usual, I was pushed to the website for more information. UGH! Odio (I hate) when people tell you to go to the website. It’s like trying to break into Ft. Knox to get a conversation with people sometimes. UGH! So, I will do as suggested…check the website and apply for a job. I tried asking if I will get a call even if I’m not deemed an ideal candidate for the position I apply for. She couldn’t provide an answer. I don’t think she understood the question. #FAIL
Day 23 I registered for We will see if there is anything fruitful from this venture. I also attended a WOMMA webinar again. This one was interesting and focused on measuring social media. Note to self – read the social media handbook. I will add that to my plans for next week. I am also considering working with a career coach/resume writer based in Florida. I called to get more information. We will see what happens. I also realized that my unemployment will run out in TWO WEEKS! Time to move or lose it. Hopefully, it will be extended.
Day 22I sent out more follow-up emails to jobs that I had applied for in late September. I read that it is always important to follow-up and express your continued interest in the position (even though you haven’t heard anything in a few weeks). I hope this strategy is fruitful. I also got information on a new website for positions from my sister-in-law. I plan to check this out as well. Rainy days are here again.

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