Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hiatus from the City

Hola, mi Gente. The time has come for me to take some time away from NYC. As I prepare to exit, I have comfort in knowing that this is my decision. While my current circumstances are not ideal, I made the decision to leave. I chose to leave the rat race. I chose to move on from the madness. I chose to leave behind the land of ‘only in [New York].' I did all this in pursuit of balance and a better understanding of my purpose in life.

My hiatus is a bit sudden and uneasy. However, I have solace and gratitude in knowing that I can always go home. And that’s where I’m heading – the Collins Spa* in Sherwood, Arkansas. The Collins Spa is a comfortable, all-inclusive, inexpensive establishment. On-site amenities include a Five-star chef (better known as Mom), an on-call concierge (also known as Dad), and an expansive yard with a small functional vegetable garden as well as peaceful surroundings (my neighborhood).

While I will miss New York City and the great friends and associates I made during my tenure here, I welcome my return trip to the Collins Spa. I look forward to spending time with family and friends (old and new). To my NYC friends, I may be gone; but YOU will not be forgotten. And, remember the Collins Spa takes year-round reservations. Come visit!

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye. I'm going home!

Written on the Long Island Railroad train to Valley Stream.

P.S. I will continue my job search from Arkansas. My passion is creating branded experiences. I am a creative and resourceful professional with experience in marketing, promotions & events. Seeking consumer or event marketing opportunities with an international brand.

*Thanks Lourdes for the catchy name.


Skinnamon Coast said...

A hiatus sounds great! I think you will gain a lot of clarity and relax. A friend once told me sometiimes you have to tear down to rebuild. So go to Arkansas, and rebuild yourself, NYC and your friends will be waiting for you when you get back!

lodeva917 said...

Sign me up for a stay at The Collins Spa! A bit of R&R not to mention some home-cooked meals and family TLC is re-energizing. Keep the blog posts coming on your adventures in AK - you have a steady readership here in NYC! Ciao, Lourdes

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