Monday, June 29, 2009

BET Should Have Waited

The BET (Black Entertainment Television) Awards ’09 have come and gone. With the world watching, BET put on a show that was billed as a “Tribute to Michael Jackson.” And, what a show it was! As I sat in shock and awe with my mouth wide open and shaking my head, all I could say was WHAT WAS BET THINKING?!

This was their moment to show the world a first class program that paid homage to a musical icon. It was their moment to showcase a positive image of African-American the WORLD watched. After heavy promotion and whirlwind publicity statements, a spectacular event was anticipated by viewers (old and new). BET needed to hit a homerun (over the fence and out of the park), but chose to bunt instead. Thank goodness for Ne-Yo and Janet Jackson. Ne-Yo was humble and classy, while Janet was strong and graceful. They were the highlights of the [tribute part of the] show.

After experiencing the BET Awards ’09, I have one thing to say…BET SHOULD HAVE WAITED…to do a real tribute show. Michael Jackson deserves a fully dedicated show to honor his greatness. A few songs inserted between chaos and Don Cornelius was a big MISS.

BET, you only get one chance to make a first impression. I wonder what the world thinks now.

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