Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Seven is the magic number. Seven years of gainful employment. Seven years of give and take. And, it came to a screeching halt with seven tragic words: "We're going to have to let you go."

Yes, folks, I am a victim of the recession. Read unemployed, downsized and now "in transition." Also, read smiling, elated, overjoyed and grateful. Don't get me wrong, losing your job is no cake walk. However, losing your job is not always a bad thing. It was a J-O-B. I went to work each day to pay the bills and to afford my luxury apartment (in Queens, no less).

Free at last. Thank goodness, I'm free at last!

With nothing but time on my hands, I can concentrate on finding a rewarding CAREER. I seek a position that I really enjoy and positively support with a company that 'fits' me. During my past two months of freedom, I have started to re-access my skills and abilities as well as identify what truly makes me happy. I learned that I enjoy project management, guiding people, and 'connecting the dots' - basically I enjoy getting things done! I also value ideation and creativity as well as travel (see post below for more on my travels).

As my journey of self and professional discovery continues, I am looking forward to the new places and ventures it leads me. My destination is PASSION. And, after all the seminars, workshops, and mental exercises...I am confident I will land on the ground with both feet...IN CHANEL BOOTS!

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