Sunday, March 21, 2010

Living in the Color of Spring

Spring has sprung! This is the season for new birth, rebirth and renewal. As I look over the past weekend and think about this time of year, it is refreshing to know that your life is what you make it. 

Now is the time to assess, rethink your strategy and make plans to progress. Change is constant. You never see the same river twice as the water is always moving. I welcome the newness – new scenes, new friends, new adventures and most of all new knowledge.
My current To-Do list for Spring 2010 includes:
  1. Tennis Lessons. I’ve always wanted to learn, but never made an effort to seek out lessons. This year that will change. Know of any good tennis instructors in the Little Rock area?
  2. Golf Lessons. Okay, I took golf class in college and learned enough to be dangerous! Looking to learn enough to play this time.
  3. Piano Lessons. I long for my youth when I was learning to play the piano. If I could go back, I would take it more seriously and pay closer attention. I’m looking to start over again and do it right this time.
  4. Home Decorating. Starting with my bedroom, I plan to make it look like a magazine. I see a few purchases from I.O. Metro in my future. Love that place!
What will the new season bring to your life? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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